Savour life on the sweet side with sustainable sugarcane toilet rolls

Our sugarcane toilet rolls are eco-friendly, super soft, and twice as long as other brands. Good for you, good for the planet! 

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Kind to the planet


Fully sustainable

Sugarcane matures in 11 months, while trees take 30 years. This means that using sugarcane byproduct doesn’t contribute to deforestation, a leading cause of climate change.


Low carbon emissions

Processing sugarcane emits far less carbon than traditional paper. We also pack our rolls in compact boxes, so we can transport more at once and further shrink our carbon footprint.



The industry requirements are for toilet paper sheets to break down within 19 seconds when flushed. Sugarcane sheets break down in only 4, so they’re safe for both your drains and the ocean!


Tackles climate change

Leftover sugarcane material is often burnt after the sugar has been extracted, contributing to climate change. Using it for our toilet paper stops this practice in its tracks. 

Why sugarcane?

Double the length, double the value

Our 3-ply rolls are packed with a whopping 400 sheets each, while other brands settle for just 200. That means our 6-roll packs give you the same amount of paper as their 12-roll packs! Our 5-ply rolls are luxurious, soft, and thick – with 170 sheets that provide the ultimate comfort for when you wipe downstairs.

And that’s not all. By packing more paper onto each roll, we’re not only saving you money, but also slashing shipping costs and shrinking our carbon footprint. It’s a real win-win!

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Super-soft and super-strong

You won’t just be doing the planet a favour. Our loo rolls are feather-soft and as strong as traditional paper, so your bum is sure to love them too!

Our sheets are fragrance-free and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. No scratchiness or tearing – just a super comfy bathroom experience.

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Our story

Hey! We’re Donovan and Georgia, the founders of Sweet Cheeks (husband and wife duo)!

We created Sweet Cheeks to bridge the gap between value and sustainability. If you’re wondering how this idea went from a casual chat during a shopping trip to a full-blown reality, click the link below and dive into our journey!

Here to do business?

Looking to switch to an eco-friendly, money-saving toilet roll brand for your business? We’ve got you covered. We supply our rolls to companies, organisations, and distributors all over the UK, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on them, swing by our B2B site today! 

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