Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a festival regular, you’ve probably come face to face with the dreaded portaloos more times than you’d like. Not only do they look and smell like they belong in the Dark Ages, but half the time you’ll discover a sad cardboard tube instead of an actual toilet paper roll – not pleasant.

That’s why loads of people who know they’ll be dealing with portaloos pack their own roll of TP in their bag. It won’t do much for the smell, but it sure beats being caught in a sticky situation with no way to freshen up.

And it’s not just a portaloo lifesaver, either. Bringing TP is a must when you’re using your personal camping toilet or if you decide to brave the woods and do your business like our ancestors did – just you, a squat, and a whispered prayer that no unsuspecting hiker stumbles upon your, uh, moment of zen.

With that said, not all toilet paper is made equal. Some of them can seriously mess with nature and wreak havoc on portable plumbing systems, so you should always pick TP that’s kind to both the environment and to drains.

Here at Sweet Cheeks, we’re all about making your bathroom game strong, whether you’re chilling at home, out camping with nature, or rocking it at Glasto. Keep reading to find out why our sugarcane toilet roll is the top choice for all your on-the-go #2s!

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Say goodbye to blockages

Under the toilet seat in a portaloo, there’s a tank that holds all the waste, TP, and other lovely stuff you’d expect. There’s usually (but not always) a pump you can use to send water into the bowl to help flush everything into that holding tank.

Unfortunately, the flushing action in a portaloo is nowhere near as impressive as your regular home toilet, and the pipes are also a lot slimmer. This means that saying goodbye to TP down the drain isn’t always smooth sailing – and if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to walk into a backed-up portaloo that’s about to go overboard with its nasty cargo, you’ll know there’s not much worse than that.

Luckily, our sugarcane toilet paper rolls make gross blockages history. Unlike regular wood-pulp rolls that take forever to break down (19 seconds, can you believe it?), ours dissolves in just 4 seconds. So whether you’re using a commercial portaloo or your own camping toilet, the chances of clogs are way lower. Our paper is like a Houdini in water – it disappears without a trace!


Dodge plastic waste

Another great thing about our toilet rolls? They’re 100% plastic-free, and we don’t just mean the rolls themselves. Everything, from the packaging to the tape that seals them up, is made from recyclable paper. So, when you’re done with your camping trip and it’s time to pack up that tent, you don’t have to worry about leaving any sneaky plastic behind.

With over 29 million metric tons of plastic finding its way into the environment every year, using our rolls is a small way you can help cut down on that and help keep our wildlife and ecosystems safe and sound.

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Keep more money in your pocket!

Not only is our toilet paper better for the environment and drainage systems, but it’s also a win for your wallet!

If you’re out camping or rocking out at a festival for a few days, you’re gonna go through that TP fast – especially if your friends have a habit of “borrowing” a few sheets. Our 3-ply loo rolls are double the length of other brands, giving you a whopping 400 sheets instead of the usual 200. This means you won’t need to buy as many, keeping extra cash in your pocket. You’ll also be lugging around fewer rolls, leaving more room in your backpack for other good stuff!

Camp in comfort with Sweet Cheeks’ sugarcane toilet rolls

Now that we’re wrapping things up, we hope you’re on board with the benefits of our sugarcane loo rolls. Time to put ’em to the test on your next camping trip!

At Sweet Cheeks, our mission is to give you a top-quality bathroom experience wherever you are. Aside from being super soft and strong, our paper is fully biodegradable, free from nasties, and incredibly eco-friendly. You can rely on it to keep both your drains and the environment happy, without breaking the bank.

So, whether you’re off for a camping adventure or hitting up a festival, do it in comfort with Sweet Cheeks. Browse our full range today!

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