In the UK, we each get through about 127 rolls of toilet paper a year. That’s a lot of paper when you add up all 67 million of us, and it means a heap of empty TP rolls winding up in landfills. But does it have to be that way?

Not at all. Empty loo rolls can actually be turned into all sorts of cool household stuff, saving you from having to buy pricey, not-so-eco-friendly store-bought versions while cutting down on waste. It’s a win-win!

If you’ve been itching to unleash your inner DIY enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. Check out the four nifty ideas we’ve got for you below!

Toilet Roll Craft Otters
Toilet Roll Plant Pots

Make a DIY seed starter to let your flowers bloom

We at Sweet Cheeks are big believers in doing good for the planet – it’s our home, after all – why is why we love this eco-friendly loo roll hack. Here’s how to create your own super-sustainable seed starters:

  1. Grab your roll and cut four slits, about one centimetre long, on one end. Space them evenly apart.
  2. Fold those slits over each other and tape them up with biodegradable tape. Now you’ve got a makeshift seed pot!
  3. Fill the roll up with soil but leave about half a centimetre of space at the top.
  4. Toss in your favourite seeds – we’re big fans of cornflower and poppy seeds, as bees and other pollinators love them.
  5. Keep the soil damp and make sure the seeds are getting some sunshine. You’ll see your leafy friends sprout in no time.
  6. When they’re good to go, you can stick the whole roll right into the ground. The cardboard will break down, and your plants will thank you for the extra nutrients. Now you can enjoy watching them grow into bright, blooming flowers right there in your garden!

Not only are you reducing waste with this hack, but you’re also doing your bit to encourage biodiversity in your garden. Go, planet!


Tidy your cables with a makeshift organiser

Tired of tripping over tangled cords and cables, but don’t want to shell out for an overpriced organiser? Let your empty toilet paper rolls save the day!

Simply roll your cables up into coils, secure them with a rubber band, then slide them neatly inside the empty toilet paper rolls. It’s a super easy way to declutter your living space and keep everything organised!

Want to go ever further? Separate your cables by device and put each set into a different loo roll, labelling it so you can easily identify the specific cables you need. No more guessing or untangling mishaps – you can quickly grab the right cable for your device, saving you time and headaches.

If you want to make things look a little more polished, consider painting the rolls in a colour that complements your decor. This will make them extra discreet, so you can say goodbye to unsightly cable nests and hello to a tidier home!

Toilet Roll with Cable Inside
Cut Toilet Roll Tubes

Get the party started with DIY napkin rings

Who doesn’t love a good dinner party? It’s an excuse to snack down on tasty food, hang out with friends, and feel extra fancy while doing it. If you’re a party pro, however, you know that buying all those decorations and supplies can quickly drain your wallet. Luckily, loo rolls let you cross one of those supplies off your list.

Toilet paper rolls are just the right size to hold a folded napkin, and making napkin rings out of them is a piece of cake. All you have to do is mark about four evenly spaced points along the roll, snip them where you marked, and there you have it – an eco-friendly way to jazz up your napkins!

Of course, you don’t have to leave them bare. Get creative with some paint, fabric, or even twine to match your table setup and add a unique and funky vibe to your dining space.


Craft a mini storage pot to keep things tidy

We’ve all been there. You’re on the hunt for a pen, paperclip, or some other tiny thing, and it’s nowhere to be found – until it reappears during a cleaning spree two weeks down the line, hiding under the bed or squeezed behind a bookshelf.

If you’re fed up with endless searching, empty toilet rolls can be a fantastic solution. Just grab a bunch of rolls, glue them together side by side, and you’ve got a nifty little organiser for your desk! You can then personalise it by giving it a coat of paint or decorating it with funky paper to match your workspace. Go for a sleek, classy look with black or grey, or let your imagination go wild with bright pink and fun stickers!

Toilet Roll Rabbit Desk Organiser

Do good for the planet (and your wallet) with Sweet Cheeks sustainable loo rolls

At Sweet Cheeks, we think that toilet paper doesn’t have to be boring. That’s why we put fun at the heart of our range of super-sustainable, super-sweet loo rolls!

Our rolls are made out of sugarcane, one the most eco-friendly materials out there. They don’t contribute to deforestation, use up less water during production, and break down way quicker than traditional loo rolls – that means happy oceans and happy drains. What’s more? They’re double the length of most other brands, so you save money every time you restock!

If you’ve been thinking of switching to a more sustainable toilet paper brand (or just want to see how our empty rolls compare to the others – we don’t judge), take a look through our full range today. We’re sure we’ll have the perfect rolls for you!

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