100% sugarcane toilet roll

Our 100% sugarcane toilet rolls are eco-friendly, super soft, and twice as long as other brands. Good for you, good for the planet! Made from sugarcane byproduct, our toilet rolls are the most sustainable on the market, decreasing the demand for deforestation. What’s more, they are super comfortable to use on your backside – you know what they say, once you go Sweet Cheeks, you won’t wipe with anything else!

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Our 2-ply, 3-ply, and 5-ply rolls are packed with a whopping 400 sheets each, while other brands settle for just 200. That means our 6-roll packs give you the same amount of paper as their 12-roll packs!

And that’s not all. By packing more paper onto each roll, we’re not only saving you money, but also slashing shipping costs and shrinking our carbon footprint. It’s a real win-win!

Not only is our toilet roll great for the environment, it's incredibly luxurious to use and breaks down extremely fast in your toilet. That means you'll more likely avoid blockages and expensive call-outs for the plumber.

You can also subscribe to our toilet rolls, saving you money off your orders and making it really convenient for your entire household - you'll never run out of toilet roll again or get caught short!